About Me


Hello! Welcome to my site!

Thanks for visiting! My name is Eugene Rapay, and I am passionate about two things: sports and writing. It's only natural that I combined the two into a career that I love--sports journalism.

In May of 2016, I graduated from Villanova University with a major in Communication, specializing in Journalism, and a minor in Writing & Rhetoric. Although I initially explored other career paths, I ultimately decided to follow my passions and become a sports reporter. Since I started immersing myself in this field, I have been able to interact with many athletes and coaches, witnessing the marvels they can accomplish within their sport.

Having worked with the Philadelphia Eagles, SB Nation's Big East Coast Bias and VU Hoops, CityofBasketballLove.com, The Knicks Wall--and the launching of my own sports website that focuses on Villanova Athletics, VUBenchMob.com--as well as other work experiences, I am a seasoned writer who has been fortunate enough to use these opportunities to grow as a multi-platform reporter that engages in print, online, audio, and video media.

Over the last couple of years, my content has reached over 500,000 views through various print and online platforms. Regardless, I know there is still much to learn and plenty of room for growth. I am searching for the next big opportunity to grow and better myself as a sports journalist.





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